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About Varied / Student Ardian AlvianindraMale/Indonesia Group :icontalismanguild: TalismanGuild
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Anthro,Humans,And spaceships can be in one Picture
Minimum Of 4 Peoples/Planes/Furs........No Ponies Yes Pokemon
Coloured and Shaded With BG
Aircraft Coloured
Shooting Star! Calion! by Tysavarin
A.D. 2008 Tokyo by Tysavarin
Burst The Clouds! by Tysavarin
Aircraft and other flying stuff in fancy colours!
Aircraft Linart
Nuff said Flying stuff goes here
Anthro Coloured
Ty savarin's ARPG Hp Bar by Tysavarin
my fursona re drawn by Tysavarin
Hayve Airfest by Tysavarin
Coloured And Shaded! No Mature Please!~
Anthro Sketch
[WIP] Artie Aviant (Re Draw) by Tysavarin
[WIP] Sabre Aigner 2.0 by Tysavarin
Anthro Stuff No Mature Please!~ Limits 2 per person


Ardian Alvianindra
Artist | Student | Varied
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Hello and welcome to my Deviant account my name is Ardian Alvianindra you can
call me Ardian or Ty maybe anything you like but please dont be offensive
Visit me on facebook
Or twitter
And Wordpress
I'll make art and you fave 'em! :iconfavbomb-plz:
best guys on dA:
Ask me if i missed you

DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Stamp by DJSessumKetsui Stamp by DJSessumEspgaluda II Stamp by DJSessumGods Eater Burst - Stamp by rose6211I never liked FiM by Guei-Girl

---------------------------------------------READ THIS--------------------------------------------

1. If you want to Borrow my character For your picture Be sure that it:
-Is not Tranformed into another form without permission (Read: Form/Shape Shifting)
-Is Not Crossed with A Child's Cartoon
-Is Not Ponified.

2. Requests,Commisions,Collabs, etc Are on hold due to Unsupporting Hardware.

3. Again DO NOT Turn my character into a pony.

4. If You want To Secretly Draw Me (In case: Gifting me) Please Don't Mess too much with my character

5. Drawing me in another form is ok, There are allowed Forms:
-"Other" Furries (Anything non-sergal)
-Feral Wolf
-Pokemon (Lucario Only)
-Other than that please note me.

I am Obiously A furry I left many fandoms In the Past,

That's all

My birthday badge
Ty savarin's ARPG Hp Bar by Tysavarin

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Orear (  a Male human trapped in somewhere in the future, where the other humans are gone, with the rest of the world is inhabited by Furries and anthro pokemon. Currently the leader of the 1st Recon team)
Skyra Dragais (A female Northern sergal who serves in theTalisman guild 2nd assault Team "Vanguards", a female sergal who fell in love with Orear, good with rifles.)
Ty Savarin (A Male Northern Sergal who is tge Talisman Guild 2nd Assault team's  Leader, a very dependant leader well known for never losing a member of his team)
Reuben Savarin (A Male Blue and white northern Sergal who is Ty's Father, Guild Master of the Talismans Guild, Married to a female anthro dragon, Former Dragon rider.)
Fusha Savarin (a dragoness who is  Reuben's Wife, Ty's mother and Guild mistress of the Talismans, a former teacher from a dragon tribe)
Sina  (a member of Talismans 1st Recon team, a white southern sergal who's a bit shorter than usual southern Sergals,  specializes in sneaking)
Leona (A lioness Archer from the 1st Recon team, doesn't talk much)
Ichiro  (A Eastern Dragon Mage who came from the Far East, For a mage, he's strong enough to break a wall bare handed)
Kino ( A Young male Southern sergal pup, Sina's Little brother, Always fascinated by stories of historical battles and fantasies)
Sina's Parents  ( A pair of southern Sergals,  both are the leaders of a Sergal tribe)
Saria Savarin (Ty's Gryphon mate, she works as a dancer in the local Tavern, She's currently pregnant)


Flare (A Male Elder Feral dragon, Leader of a guild that often raid other tribes and villages that doesn't support him and captures the survivors of the raids as Slaves to be sold and "Used")
Blaze (A female fox, who once a Spy working for another guild, Caught by the Talismans and sent to Flare as their last Tribute before the Talismans decides to Rebel against Flare's Rules. she ends up being Flare's Mate and The Guild's Mistress, often go out to other neutral guilds on a diplomatic missions)
Vargas (A male Grey Wolf who's one of Flare's Trusted captains, he's here because of a debt that his family owns to Flare, Recently he have to serve Flare for another 4 years.)
"Advisor"*(A Wolf who works for Flare as a Spy acting as Reuben's Personal Advisor, who also tries to get Skyra into being his "property")
Lyssa (A Female Southern Sergal, Who recently given to Flare as a tribute from a Guild of assassins, She now works as his Servant, And often sneaks out at nights to eat the expensive foods)
Liah (a female German Shepherd who got kidnapped and sent to the slavers. she luckily got a position as a Dancer, and she's the mate of Vargas.)
Sheila (a Female Gryphon who already been a dancer a bit longer than Liah, She's Liah's dance partner)
Rikke (A full Black Northern sergal volunteers to become a dancer so she can get closer to Reiter.)
Reiter (One of Vargas' Friend, he fell in love with a Black female sergal in a nearby tribe)
Sylvia (A Female Hybrid of a Mienshao and a Shaymin, She cannot talk, but can communicate via telepathy, She's a wandering doctor before she got kidnapped, she uses her telepathy to try change Flare's desicion)
Iannlya (A anthro Female Mienshao, Guild Mistress of the Garuda Guild, old friend of Reuben)
Se'ul (A Male naga that owns a rival Slave guild, he owns a massive monster that is reffered to "The mojave pit")
No'Al (Former Spy who works for Flare previously, he's recently took Lyssa and going to gave her to Se'ul)

-* The advisor doesn't have a name for now. because we're lazy X3 .

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Commision Prices
Anthro Sketch: 5:points:
Anthro Lineart: 8:points:
Anthro Coloured: 10:points:
Aircraft Sketch: 5:points:
Aircraft Lineart: 8:points:
Aircraft Coloured: 10:points:
Dragon sketch 4:points:
Dragon lineart 6:points:
Dragon Coloured 10:points:
Additional Stuff:
+1 Character: 5:points:
Background: 10:points:

-Mature Stuff
-Humans (Can't do it right now)
-Robots (Not right now)
Oh If You Ask Me for a pony related drawing i will rip it apart and burn it down.
Note Me if you want
(See deviant Id for art status)
1.:iconsilitha: DONE!…
2.:iconwindiie: Searching for idea
3.:iconsilverra: Searching for idea

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